Effective 2021 -

Wedding receptions are 90% of the business, but for any occasion, I (artist Bobby J) showcase and interchange artists/musicians who perform soulful arrangements of classic cover and dance R&B, Jazz, Motown, Top 40, Funk, Salsa, Caribbean, Traditional New Orleans tunes and more. Audiences are motivated to dance and swing in harmony. The repertoire is request it, we make it happen! As a finale’, we offer a traditional New Orleans’ second line.

There is no standard band composition. Keep in mind a unique package is created, per event, with variations in song selections and instrumentation to meet clients' musical needs. I call my vehicle of expression the Bobby J & Stuff Like That Band. I am the man at center stage.

Please note: NO TWO EVENTS ARE THE SAME! Certain options may not be available post the pandemic. Artist and/or Artist Management reserves the right to make necessary staff substitutions.

Performances equate to 3 to 4 hours or 2 to 3 sets. The number of band members is determined by event type, size of venue, preferred music genres, budget, availability, etc. Horns are only optional at an additional cost, based on availability. 

AV Equipment/ Production refers to sound reinforcement. Engineer, back line, special DJ services are provided (no stage). AV equipment is for band use only unless otherwise pre-approved and paid for.

Rates are competitive. Quotes are based on specific details provided by client. Artist, nor Artist's agent, nor affiliates will be liable for client's non-disclosure of details that might affect rates and expected services. A procured contract with limited specs will be serviced with those specs. Additional or new terms MAY be established if time permits. Prompt cash payments are required before any additional changes are rendered.

Quotes become guarantees only after a contract is executed with a nonrefundable deposit.

Based on variables, deposits shall not exceed 50% of guarantee.

Deposits are transferable for 1-year of scheduled event in cases of postponement.

Prepayment is required 30 days prior to scheduled event.

Overtime is time and a half, to be paid in cash before services are rendered. 

A Song list is available on this site for review. Brides may submit 3 bridal songs NOT on Song list. Requests for songs not on posted Song list must be made in advance, a minimum of 90 days prior to contracted event. Limits will be placed on the # of song requests submitted and accepted. A fee MAY apply.

*Taxes not included in quote

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