"When Bobby J takes the stage, he's no longer singing for himself."
Small Business Revolution

"Talented, Dynamic, Spirit-filled...just a few words to describe him"
Lisa Ross, Times Picayune


"Bobby J and Stuff Like That provided music for the royal court and the revelers to boogie-woogie."
Bridgehouse Newsletter

"Adding the heat to the hobnobbing was Bobby J and Stuff Like That and leader Bobby Jordan. He amassed a slew of party guests for a new line dance, telling them "It's easy. Soon the place was pulsating with Katie at the fore."

“Bobby J is a one-man show with a talented group of musicians and singers to play up his talents, creating a memorable entertainment experience”.

Martha Stewart Weddings


Amazing job! I have never been so pleased with a band that I've hired (and I've hired many over the years). Great job! Thanks!” 

Nancy Ferrarese, Computer Share, Shelton CT


“I'm obsessed with y'all!!!!! Y'all were so good!!!!” 

Stephanie Rizzuto


“Thank you! You guys were incredible! I seriously can't even explain how unbelievably perfect our night was and a big reason was that the music was perfect. You're all so talented and more than that - true performers!”

Whitnee and Jordan Ferrer


"Our event in Austin is a success every year because you guys make it happen. See you in 2018." 

J. R. and Crawford, SAE, Austin, Texas


"I couldn't imagine a more entertaining, dynamic and rocking band for my wedding. Love you guys!" 

Annie B. Michaels, ARB Meetings and Events


"Nothing spurs an emotional reaction like cover renditions by Bobby J & Stuff Like That Band."

Reuben DeTeige, Cox/WBOK


“Hey Bobby - Just wanted to tell you I heard you at Broussard's Restaurant. I'm the leader and clarinetist with the brass band that played the second line from Broussard's to the after party on Burgundy St. Man, y'all really rocked it. As a musician, I know what it takes to put something like that together. And then to play cover songs with spirit. As a former denizen of the nation's capitol, I always appreciate a taste of that DC Go-Go sound (a la EU's "Doin' the Butt"). When people ask me for the name of a good cover band, I will def'ly refer you.” 

Ben Schenck, Panorama Jazz Band