classic r&b, soul, funk, Motown, jazz, pop, top 40, spiced with inspirational or gospel or traditional New Orleans and second line music / song list here

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I am Bobby J — vocalist, musician, entertainer, band leader — of New Orleans, Louisiana. I take communities of folk nationwide on fantastic voyages, through musical journeys in time. I sing audiences to a happier place, warming even the chilliest of ‘soles’. Accompanying musicians and singers are called Stuff Like That. 

They Say

Ali & Jack McLarty 

Bobby J and Stuff Like That Band made our special night come together so perfectly. Jack and I used them in New Orleans on June 29 - and have received so many compliments from all of the guests that attended my wedding and reception. They were waiting on us right outside the church after the ceremony at Immaculate Conception, where they led the second line to The Federal Ballroom. Everyone had so much fun. The reception pictures that my photographer captured show how excited and happy everyone was from the second we stepped outside the church to the last song of the night. Bobby J and Mrs. Lisa were a pleasure to work with before the wedding and care so much about making their clients happy and comfortable. They aren't just looking for business, but also for friendships. They made it their mission to keep our guests on their toes the whole entire night. Not only did our guests enjoy every minute, but Jack and I hardly left the dance floor. If you are looking for a band to entertain, and one that will keep everyone involved throughout the night then you just have to go with Bobby J! We would not change one thing about our perfect night, and especially not the band choice. They truly have something special, and their passion and talent is unbelievable. We loved them, everyone loved them...and so will you!!!!  Always, Ali & Jack McLarty

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