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Martha Stewart Weddings says "Bobby J is a one-man show with a talented group of musicians and singers to play up his talents, creating a memorable entertainment experience." Others say he has a sentimental longing and wistful affection for the past, making him one of the most enchanting singers of his era. But all agree that he is one of the most diverse, dynamic, and elite entertainers across America. His career spans over better than five decades, with a soulful sound, image and style keeps him on the forefront, servicing communities of folk nationwide that care about music.

He acts out his life on stages. 

Bobby J of New Orleans is a self taught drummer who - in the early days - co starred alongside locals like Branford Marsalis, Michael 'Patches' Stewart (Al Jarreau), and Cyril Neville, to name a few. He played for church and community choirs as well, ultimately meeting and performing alongside Billy Preston at a Gospel Music Workshop.The trajectory of his music career changed. While on a drumming gig in a New Orleans tavern, club owner Alfred Doucette (Big Chief) recognized Bobby's melodious and raspy tenor voice - his true instrument - disassembled Bobby's drums, and handed him a lead vocal microphone. And, the rest is history.