Meet us - Bobby J, Big D, Barry, Jevon Sr. and Jevon Jr. - novel, fresh, and a li'l different. 

There is an artist in each of us and we love what we do. We are all about inclusivity, a proactive approach of embracing and valuing diversity, creating an environment where all of us, regardless of our background, feel valued, respected, and have equal opportunities to contribute to each performance. 

We are inspired by the music that originated in the South - ragtime, jazz, blues, country, gospel, rhythm and blues, Cajun, zydeco, to rock'n'roll - that has been the basis for all American music. We incorporate elements of r&b, Gospel, inspirational, Motown, jazz, funk, pop, soul, country western, and more in our cover renditions. 

Our goal is to break with tradition, give audiences more than they bargained for with the end result being an enjoyable, fun-filled evening of elite entertainment with the Southern Feel Band.




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